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On a Brighter Note.. My Fit Test Numbers!

                               Week 1       Week 3        Week 5

Switch Kicks             65             79                96

Power Jacks              38             44                52

Power Knees            79             87                105

Power Jumps            27             27                35

Globe Jumps            5                6                  9

Suicide Jacks            9               10                15

Push Up Jacks          11             15                20

Low Plank Oblique    42            50                62

Dude, what the ffffffff

Started Round 2 of Insanity today with a fit test and then cardio max interval. Literally the first thing Shaun T says is ” I’m here to train you, and kick your butt today.. And I’m not playin.”

Silly me to think he was joking.

holy shit my legs. just finished my week 3 fit test. waaaaahh

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I haven’t been in tumblr in a while! Moving is no fun.. So I’ll commemorate my return by reblogging funny shit. [[ see above ]]

I am having a total, fucking, eargasm.


Listening to The Glitch Mob right now. Just look them up on youtube. Right now. Just do it. I think I’ve discovered ear-porn.